What is BarBee Inc.?

BarBee Inc. is a geo-tracking, social networking, ready-to-hire revolution, for the service industry. A new way businesses will seek service industry assistance, in todays world.

Have you ever worked in the industry and were disappointed with the staff and/or colleagues? BarBee Inc. will connect businesses to qualified workers, within a set distance. You may inquire, hire, or just look and meet new people, in the same industry who share the same schedules!

Does BarBee Inc. guarantee employment?

BarBee Inc. does not guarantee employment.

Is BarBee Inc. an employment agency?

BarBee Inc. is not an employment agency. Hiring and firing are strictly enforced by each business, BarBee Inc. will have NO involvement unless a criminal act is committed. BarBee Inc. DOES NOT verify resumes and/or employment history.

Businesses please verify any new applicant on your own diligence.

Does BarBee Inc. check background history?

BarBee Inc. verifies emails but DOES NOT verify backgrounds; including credit and/or criminal history.

Please do your research before agreeing to meet anyone and at any location.

Does BarBee Inc. require certification?

BarBee Inc. DOES NOT require certifications to be listed as a prospective worker. Certifications are to be presented at businesses discretion, if required.

How do employees get paid?

Businesses pay workers directly. BarBee Inc. DOES NOT take a percentage of worker's earnings.

How does BarBee Inc. get paid?

BarBee Inc. currently survives from advertisements. Future in-app purchases will be available soon.

Who can use BarBee Inc.

Anyone 18+ can create an account with BarBee Inc.

What operating systems does BarBee Inc. operate?

BarBee Inc. currently runs on the latest version of IOS and Android operating systems.

What devices can the BarBee Inc. app be used on?

The BarBee Inc. app can be downloaded on any mobile phone , mobile device, tablet, etc. that operates on the current version of IOS

or Android operating systems.

For more information and additional inquiries you can contact BarBee Inc. LLC via email:


Please abide by all rules and regulations concerning public health, set by each private business, under the law of the State.